Order your Party Packs for free now!

Order your Party Packs for free now!

Planning a party? Lots of condoms and lubes are certainly needed. However, you must understand that not everyone brings their own protection even when asked. Therefore, having them ready beforehand is handy - and TestSGN can deliver them to your place for free!

Simply fill in the form below and your party supplies will be taken care of. All information you provide will remain confidential. The Party Packs will be sent in highly discreet packaging to the designated address, so no need to worry! However, delivery is limited within the Metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City region.

What is in the Party Packs?

  1. 15 Condoms
  2. 15 water-based lubricant packets
  3. 1 pack of BOND men’s intimate wipes
  4. 5 TestSGN temporary tattoos
  5. 5 TestSGN stickers

Delivery Address